October 4 - World Animal Day

Thursday September 17th, 2020

October 4 - World Animal Day

The organizer of the event – “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA; Teimuraz Tsikoridze - Ambassador of World Animal Day in Georgia ( Ambassador_index/Georgia)

Supporter - PETA (Germany) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Protesters - animal protection organizations, animal advocates, and activists

Type of rally - March for Animal Rights

The aim of the action: To protest the worst situation in the field of animal rights in Georgia, to adopt new laws, and to tighten the existing legislation. Raise public awareness of the importance of animal welfare and the protection of their rights.

Start time: 14:00

Meeting place: Adjacent area of ​​the Philharmonic Concert Hall

Slogan: Stand up for Animal Rights


The goal on 4 October is to raise the voices of animals, with whom we share our common home on earth. The event seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of animal rights. Celebrating this day brings together numerous animal advocates, protectors, and activists from around the world, creating a united force that seeks to improve animal welfare and conditions. World Animal Day wishes to unite the community under a common aim, the improvement of animal welfare, and encourage network collaboration to reach positive changes to the current state of animal welfare. Numerous existing organizations around the world are fighting for animal justice and as a result are making changes, advancing legislation, and raising awareness of society. World Animal Day is celebrated differently in every country but attracts wide-spread participation, regardless of race, political or religious beliefs. By raising awareness around animal rights, we can create a world where each animal will be accepted as a living, intelligent being, and their welfare will be given great attention, which contributes to the well-being of both animals and humans.


The situation of both domestic and wild animals is extremely difficult in Georgia. At the legislative level, the field is practically completely unregulated, which results in a very difficult situation for the whole country. Therefore, it is impossible to protect their rights under the existing regulations as no law is enforced. We have low levels of public awareness, in which a large part of society does not perceive animals as living beings.

In Georgia, this day was first celebrated in 2009 by the "Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals".

We, the GSPSA, join the celebration of "World Animal Day" this year as well. We want to remind the public about the absence and imperfection of the laws in the country, about the cruelty that pervades our daily lives. The combination of legislative deficits and low public awareness regarding why animal rights are important leaves perpetrators of animal cruelty unpunished.

The existing laws and, first of all, the indifferent attitude of the majority of our society does not allow the perpetrators to be fully tried.

"World Animal Day" is celebrated in different ways. We have chosen a peaceful procession, it will be the first march for animal rights held in Georgia. Our goal is to remind as many people as possible about the animals living with us on this planet, their importance, and why it is in people’s interest to lobby for improved animal welfare legislation.  We want to show the public that despite GSPSA being small, constituting a mere fraction of the Georgian society, we are strong and ready to make a positive difference to animal welfare in Georgia. This is just the beginning of the long way to fight for the voiceless.

PETA Germany (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)

The German office of PETA supports the "Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals" in the great struggle for animal rights in Georgia.

This year, a march to mark "World Animal Day" is being held with the support of PETA Germany. It is one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world. PETA operates in 4 main areas where the existence of animals and the cruelty expressed towards them is long-term, namely:

laboratories, food, clothing, and entertainment industries.

PETA has been working for years to inform the public, tighten laws, conduct investigations to investigate and eliminate crimes against animals, organize and engage in various activities, organize protests aimed at the promotion of their rights.

It is very important for us to have the support of such a strong organization. Georgia is still on its way towards a compassionate and respectful treatment of non-human animals. There is still a long way to go, but we are determined and will fight together to strengthen animal rights in Georgia.

History of World Animal Day:

The first celebration of World Animal Day took place in Germany on March 24, 1925, by cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann. He gathered up to 5,000 people at the Berlin Sports Palace. He worked tirelessly to make this day official. 1931, in Florence, Bune.

Each and Every One of Us Can Make a Difference for Animals!

The legislation alone, sadly, will not change the situation of animals tremendously. It needs to go hand in hand with changing the attitude in society.

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