About Us


The non-government not-for-profit union (association) “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA was founded in 2006. The union operates according to Georgian legislation and charter registered by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia by decision # 851 dated July 18, 2006.

The idea to establish the organization had existed for some years prior to the actual incorporation. Namely, three years before the registration of the organization a shelter for stray dogs was formed with the help and direct participation of union’s current members. Since then the shelter has been a home for over a hundred animals, the majority of which has been adopted by animal lovers and caring owners. The shelter for stray animals functions to this day.

The main objectives of the union are protecting and saving animals, preserving biological diversity and establishing  protection mechanism and tools, creating harmonious relationships between humans and the animal world, studying international standards and practice as well as integrating the recent best practice and standards into public mentality in Georgia.

For the detailed objectives please refer to: GSPSA mission

The main goal of “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” is fight for establishing legislations suitable for the protection of animal rights in Georgia, ratification of the international acts in the field by the state legislative body.

GSPSA has formed some ties with animal protection organizations abroad. The union has signed cooperation memoranda with other non-governmental and governmental organizations in Georgia.

According to the accreditation from EVS, that GSPSA has got since April, 2017, the Society will be host to foreign volunteers within the range of program of Erasmus+.



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